Adrienne Vase


The Adrienne vase is entirely handmade in France. It is part of a new series inspired by iconic Art (and more precisely paintings) movements. The 'Dal' model has motifs based on abstract paintings. The motifs are applied to the vase before its first firing, by using a 'negative' illustration technique on black slip background. The inside transparent glaze adds then a finishing touch after a second firing at high temperature to ensure a more durable and resistant item.  Since each piece is unique and handmade, the decorative patterns may slightly differ from one vase to another.

- Stoneware fired at high temperature finished with transparent glossy glaze inside.
- Raw exterior showcasing the natural aspect of the clay’s texture with 'negative' motifs on black slip background.
- Slight variations in color, shape and size might occur. 

DIMENSIONS:  Approximately 10" tall X 8" wide X 2" deep

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