Champagne Saber


Celebrate with this beautiful and modern Champagne saber. Includes timeless black steel stand for display and storage Ergonomic angles for ease of use Modern design with premium materials

How to saber a bottle of Champagne:

1. Chill neck of Champagne bottle in ice for 10 minutes. Keep cork cage on bottle when icing.

2. Remove all foil and wire cage from bottle.

3. Locate the seam that leads up to the lip of the bottle.

4. Hold bottle with your non-dominant hand at a 30-degree angle, place thumb in the punt of the bottle. Top of bottle should be angled away from body

5. Rest the blade flat against the glass on the seam.

6. In one swift motion, run the blade along the seam of the bottle, strike the lip and follow through.

7. The cork and the lip will separate from the neck of the bottle.

8. Celebrate!

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