Chinese Warring States-Majiayo Culture Pottery


Chinese Warring States Pottery

Description: (4) pottery storage jars in various sizes having flat bases, rounded walls, angled shoulders and collared rims, larger one appearing to have a pouring spout; exterior having various impressed patterns.  

Condition: Good, overall light wear consistent with age, normal use and material; some areas of finish wear or loss throughout; areas of surface discoloration throughout; mineral deposits; light scuffing and scratching; minor cracks; chips overall.

Disclaimers: production and surface imperfections consistent with this form of art

Approximate Sizes: Large Vase 10" dia. X 12.25"tall; Vase One 8" dia X 7" tall; Vase Two 7" dia. X 6.5" tall: Vase Three 8" dia X 7" tall.

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